5 Best Free Video Calling Apps of 2019

Development in the technology sector has really progressed tremendously. Birds were used to deliver messages to an individual located far from the original source. Earlier tech gadgets were not capable to send messages and the first form of messaging was audio clip notification. Then Nokia introduced GSM phones allowing people to send text messages between devices. Multifunctional buttons were used to send messages which you can remember if you had used Nokia’s 3310, 8210 or X2-01.

And, have a glance at the current days. A full keyboard as same as the laptop has been integrated into every smartphone. And such a powerful device has transformed the way we communicate. Skype has really contributed a lot in terms of video calling. Whatsapp, Facebook, Hangouts later joined the era of video calling and changed the way we used to communicate with foreign friends and families.

Here are the best free video calling apps that you should definitely try once.

1. Skype

Being one of the oldest in the video calling market, Skype is still the most favorite among people. It is most widely used in business interview and meetings as well. It is not solely useful for just video calling. It also provides audio calling and allows users to send pictures, videos and more.

It is available on almost every major platform including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. With Microsoft’s account credentials, one can easily log in to Skype. It also has a beautifully animated emoji collection different than regular ones.

2. FaceTime

It can be stated the number one app for video calling on iOS devices. Launched in 2010, it connects people with Apple devices supporting FaceTime platform, meaning all devices after iPhone 4 can be used to utilize awesome features of FaceTime.

FaceTime client is also available for Mac running over WiFi. It offers seamless video calling over 4G and 5G networks. If you are using an iOS device, this is a must app for daily usage with customized ringtones.

3. WeChat

We can say that WeChat is China’s WhatsApp. A report from Tencent exhibits that it has 1 billion daily active users on the platform. It is not just a messaging or video calling platform. WeChat also has more than 20000 mini-games on which 300 million players are active.

Available for both Android and iOS, WeChat has its Windows, Mac, and Linux clients as well. If you are about to visit China, creating an account over there will be the first thing you’ll require. However, you must be invited from an existing user to get in there. Download the app and connect with its huge user base for messaging and video calling.

4. imo

Highly popular over the Android operating system, imo is particularly a video calling app connecting people all around the world using data or wifi connection. It has managed to get more than 500 million users on the application.

Users can freely use the platform for messaging and video calling with friends and families anywhere in the world. Group video calls are another popular feature of the platform. It’s custom stickers are attracting more users towards the platform which can be used on photos and videos using the platform.

5. Messenger

Powered by Facebook, Messenger is super popular right after its launch. As time passes, the Facebook team has entirely changed its look integrating easy user interface, stickers, and more features. In order to use Messenger, you must have a Facebook account.

You will agree with me at this point that it has got the most charming regular emojis that we use in our regular apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. The reason we have not included WhatsApp in this list is it allows limited people for group calls. Well, that limit is higher here allowing almost 10 users on a single group call.

We concluded some of the best video calling app in terms of both popularity and features. If you are using another such app and you find it more useful, let us know. We will review and include in this list.


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