Lost Aadhar Card? Get Your Duplicate Aadhar Card Online Instantly

We are entirely aware of the fact that Aadhar is needed for daily usage. Whether it is for applying for a job, or leaving a job, or filling up of Government documents, etc. So due to everyday usage, it won’t be surprising to know that you have misplaced or lost your Aadhar card somewhere. And losing your Aadhar card would get you in much trouble since it is a government official and essential document.

But after losing your Aadhar card, it is advisable to lodge a complaint on UIDAI if you have a fear of your Aadhar card being misused.

Is It Possible to Get Duplicate Aadhar?

Yes, it is possible to get duplicate Aadhar card. You can get it online. Do not worry much after losing the original one.

You can use your duplicate card everywhere where you used to use your original one. The duplicate Aadhar card is applied when you have lost it. So, it has the same benefit just like the original one. However, some service providers may reject this duplicate Aadhar card.

How to Apply Duplicate Aadhar Online?

But after that, if you want to apply for a missing Aadhaar online. Do not worry about applying for it online. It is effortless. You only just need to follow the steps accurately given below

In case you have your Aadhar number:

Applying Duplicate Aadhar Card Copy Online

At the time of registration of Aadhar card, an acknowledgment slip is provided to you where your Aadhar number is written. You can download duplicate Aadhar card copy online with the help of that Aadhaar number. But remember the duplicate card copy would have the same validity just like the original one.

In case you do not have your Aadhaar card Enrollment ID with you, follow the steps mentioned below and try to get a duplicate card:

1. Visit a website

You need to visit the website https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid

2. Choose the preferred option

Select appropriate option, “Aadhar No (UID)” or “Enrollment No (EID)”, which is given below “You want to receive your lost Aadhar” that appears on the website.

3. Enter your details

After selecting the options, the site would ask you to fill in your details. Enter your full name, your email address, your registered Mobile Number, and the security code displayed below to enter. After that, click the “Get OTP” option.

4. Receiving OTP

A One Time Password will be delivered to your registered Mobile number and or email address.

5. Enter OTP

In the box that shows to enter the OTP number, enter the OTP number that was sent to you in your Mobile number and or your email address.

6. Verify your OTP

After entering your OTP, click “Verify OTP”.

7. Receive a message

Once entering the OTP, there will be a message sent to your mobile as well as your email address. Those will contain your enrollment ID and your Aadhaar number.

8. Go to another website

After receiving the message visit https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

9. Select appropriate given option

Select the options “Enrollment Id” or “Aadhar”, which is given below “I have”.

10. Enter the necessary details

Enter your Aadhar card number or Enrollment Id that you have received on your phone, your full name, Pin Code, your mobile number and the security text below.

11. Get OTP

Click on the “Get OTP” button below.

12. Receiving OTP

You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number and your registered email address.

13. Enter OTP

In the box that shows to enter OTP number, enter the OTP number that was sent to you in your Mobile number and or your email address and after that click on “Validate and Download.”

14. Download your e-Aadhar card

Download your e-Aadhar card and then enter your Pin Code as the password while opening the PDF document.

15. Print your e-Aadhar

Print out the PDF document.

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